My work has me spending some time on two topics that cross all of the categories in HR and HR technology – those topics are diversity and inclusion and automation (including AI, ML, and workflow, and more). These topics are unusually hot in recruiting tech circles. Now, I’m not just throwing buzzwords around. I’m always interested when someone has an approach that can make the hiring process more inclusive. My interest gets piqued when that approach involves technology that can hit three points: 1) it scales – it’s repeatable, it can be used in highly skilled or in high volume recruiting environments 2) it leverages data to make more effective hiring decisions without introducing another level of unconscious bias to the process and 3) it provides a good candidate experience.

HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque looks at one of the most significant opportunities for disruption in HR technology today: reinventing assessments and selection to make hiring both more inclusive and more effective. Join George as he explores this topic and catches up with Omer Molad Founder and CEO of Vervoe, an intelligent hiring platform that uncovers hidden talent through real-world tests, tasks, and tools designed by leading industry experts. Vervoe replaces face-to-face interviews with Talent Trials, leveraging AI to identify the best hires.

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