Jobiak just announced a $2.3 Million seed round for its Google for Jobs optimization app. Most applicant tracking systems and recruitment marketing platforms are offering similar services. This would lead you to believe they may be more successful in the SMB market segment where recruiting platforms are currently less prevalent, however so is spend on job posting optimization. However, Google for Jobs has signed partnerships with sites like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and many more. It looks like Jobiak’s strategy may be “built to flip. Building capabilities that one of the platforms or job boards may deem a valuable add, versus building value across a customer segment. A full paragraph of Jobiak’s press release is dedicated to the founder’s experience building and selling businesses – which may, or may not, be a signal to Jobiak’s focus and future.

Source: Jobiak News: AI-Based Recruitment Optimization Technology Startup Jobiak Raises $2.3M To Revolutionize The Recruiting Industry – Jobiak Blog

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