Job board marketplaces continue to curry favor with venture capitalists. VC looking at HR technology love a two-sided marketplace almost as much as they love specialization in a recession proof industry with a well defined business need. Modern job boards focusing on healthcare professions offer both.

Incredible Health is a job board that focuses on nursing. When it comes to investment in recruiting and recruiting technology, talent shortages have moved healthcare from laggards to leaders in the last 15 years. And, the future forecast for hiring nurses remains challenging.

The company calls itself a “hiring platform,” but looks to be a job board with a matching engine – which doesn’t differentiate it. Most job boards, and certainly those launching into specialty skills areas like nursing, are coming with a “matching engine” powered by a proprietary algorithm and AI. The company also currently focuses strictly on one state: California. Which, is a great marketplace, in and of itself, but for hiring as in many things “one size does not fit all.” The growth expectations that come along with a $15 million VC raise will both the matching engine and company’s management team as it looks to scale beyond CA.

Source: Incredible Health’s hiring platform for nurses gets $15M led by Andreessen Horowitz | TechCrunch

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