You don’t need an analyst to tell you that employee engagement happens between managers and their staff. Between leaders and their teams in the field, on the shop floor, in the confereIdeal Employee Engagement Toolkitnce room, or on the video conference. We’ve learned a lot about employee engagement in the last few years as we’ve looked critically at the annual survey, introduced pulse surveys, launched mobile-first feedback tools, and pondered HR analytics.

Sometimes we need to shake things up a little in order to come back to what we inherently know to be true as leaders and managers. Employee engagement is dependent on communication between managers and their teams. We can survey and measure the issues we have in our teams. But, measuring a problem without empowering our managers to understand it beyond the metrics and to have the right conversations with employees and teams is just a fool’s errand.

Get it right and you fortify your company’s culture and create a environment of high performance. Get it wrong and while struggling to improve team performance, your salve will be the results from your surveys and analytics telling you exactly why you failed in better than 20/20 hindsight.

#HRWINS surveyed more than 1600 employers in 2016 and interviewed dozens as we continue our study of employee engagement in this age of rapid digital disruption. The result is this new #HRWINSreport in an easy to read eBook format. We walk you through the data we have on the topic, and give you insight into the capabilities you need as an employer to build the ideal employee engagement toolkit.

As always, the report is free. We look forward to your feedback here in the comments, on Twitter @glarocque, or on Facebook.

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