cat and lion

Candidate experience is paramount for employers. I’m glad everyone is talking about it. I’m especially glad that employers are starting to come around to this. Hat tip to The Talent Board and their Candidate Experience Awards for getting the industry to focus on this.

I’m also glad that talent acquisition technology vendors are starting to align features and solutions with the concept of candidate experience. Keep doing that.

What am I not glad about? (You knew I was going there.)

HR technology vendors co-opting the concept of candidate experience and applying it to systems that have basically compounded the issues employers have had in the first place. There is so much vendor messaging targeting candidate experience right now. Vendors should be careful how aggressively they make strong claims here. If I were looking at a vendor that has been in the market more than 12 months and they were heavily messaging on this, my bullshit meter would be sounding an alarm.

Just because you want to see yourself as THE candidate experience solution doesn’t make it so.  Candidate experience seems like a simple concept, but the solution isn’t just found in apps.

The market will ultimately decide. Until then I recommend customers looking at any vendors that impact candidate experience get the help of folks like Talent Function to vet out the posers.

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