In companies with more than 1,000 employees implementing Social Recruiting technology can be a challenge.  The legacy Talent Management and HR Systems have never been strong for sourcing Talent and the rapid growth of Social Recruiting has painfully amplified this weakness over the last few years.

Enter Talent Technology Corporation (TTC) and their Talemetry Suite of Sourcing and Talent Generation technology.

Talent Technology has long been focused on filling the gaps existing within the Enterprise HR Tech vendors.  With existing integrations to the Enterprise suites, and strong long-term relationships with their product teams, the emergence of the Social Web represented an incredible opportunity for TTC.  An opportunity they jumped on.

If you are a Company with more than 1,000 Employees and you are using a Talent Management Suite or ATS, along with the core capabilities of any Sourcing technology, strong integration at all of the right points is a deal breaking requirement.

While the Talemetry products stand alone, they are integration experts when it comes to providing talent related technology to the Enterprise.  Integration, while incredibly important, is not why TTC’s Talemetry Suite is on the HR Companies To Watch list.  The features, and elegance, found in the Talemetry Suite – for both Companies and Candidates, are.

The Talemetry Suite addresses several opportunities or business challenges for the Enterprise:

  • We were impressed with the way Talemetry consolidates the process for Recruiters to find candidates, and candidates to engage and apply to corporations.  The User experience and the candidate experience are greatly improved with their intuitive, yet feature rich interface.
  • A deep understanding of Enterprise level recruitment means that Talemetry brings new, current recruitment trends to the table with an eye on issues like Compliance and Reporting.
  • We can’t stress enough how much the integrations and existing relationships with Enterprise Talent Management Systems strengthen the user experience and entire Talemetry suite.

The modules break down like this:

Talent Networks and Sourcing – Search your ATS, Social Networks, the Open Web, and job boards ALL AT ONCE.  Use semantic search to find the best fit.  Invite top Talent to join your Talent Network via CRM and a rich Candidate Experience

Recruitment Marketing – Targeted, Branded, career sites; FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter job marketing; FaceBook page development; Job Board Distribution

Candidate Engagement – Candidates apply using profiles they maintain on Google+ , LinkedIn, etc., as well as with a resume; Candidates and Recruiters can format profiles in a way that makes sense for them, Integrated employment-screening, and compliant views of candidate public information.
If you are a company with more than 1,000 employees, and are thinking about implementing a comprehensive Talent Sourcing, Marketing, and Engagement platform the  Talemetry Suite is an HR Technology Product you need to see.

Disclosure:   10 years ago I was General Manager of the HireDesk division of TalentTechnology.  The HireDesk product is still in production, but is not part of the Talemetry suite.  This post is NOT the result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.
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