Big News for the HRWins Community

You may have seen the recent announcement from UNLEASH that HRWins founder George LaRocque has joined as the new Event Director for UNLEASH America. When the news hit, a wave of celebration and support came in from the HR technology industry across all communication channels. A heartfelt thanks to everyone that reached out. It’s a big opportunity for HRWins and for me, personally. There were a few consistent questions that I’ll answer here:

What is the role with UNLEASH?

As Event Director, I’m responsible for delivering the entire experience for attending delegates, exhibitors/sponsors, and speakers at UNLEASH America. I will work across all teams to ensure that we provide a unique, creative, and valuable experience for everyone present at UNLEASH America.

How did this come about?

I’ve been working with the UNLEASH team for the last few years as an analyst attending UNLEASH globally, as a speaker at their events, and most recently in launching the HRWins Tech Tours at UNLEASH events. Through this process, a relationship emerged. When UNLEASH General Manager, Mike Treacher, asked if I was interested in leading the experience at UNLEASH America it made perfect sense.

I have made a career of helping the buyers and marketers of HR technology understand each other and how the future of work and market trends affect them. This role provides me an opportunity to impact the industry at a global scale much more substantial and at a faster pace than HRWins can achieve, alone.

What will change for HRWins, its members, and customers?

View the relationship between HRWins and UNLEASH as a strategic partnership and a vital driver of the scale you will see in HRWins, as a business, in 2019 and 2020.

HRWins will continue to:

I will continue to speak at industry events and share my market insights wherever there is an appropriate audience.

HRWins will continue to innovate and disrupt the traditional analyst model.

This partnership will be good for HRWins, UNLEASH, and the industry.

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