HR isn’t one size fits all, and neither is your HR software. It’s difficult for middle-sized employers to get the context they need to understand the HR tech available to them. Technology is purpose-built for target customers in mind. The features, functions, pricing and support models are all created with companies of a specific size and industries as the “ideal use case.” While the definition of the middle market varies, this report focuses on core HR software. We evaluate the products available for employers in the 20 to 5,000 employee range — the “middle market.”

This segment gets increasing attention from HR technologists. However, the middle market has only experienced this since around 2013. Focus on the middle market before this time was more of a “go-to-market” strategy for payroll service bureaus or transactional offerings like job board postings and talent assessments. Middle market employers were left to build “workarounds” in cumbersome large enterprise systems that had some features stripped to make them “lighter,” or to use technology not intended for HR, like spreadsheets or generic databases.

Tech trends, and the rapid evolution of the HR profession in the middle market have created a rush to bring modern HR software built exclusively for this segment. This rush brings an array of solutions to consider when evaluating HR software. This report identifies where eleven of the leading and emerging vendors in the category fit best with regard to employee-size, the breadth of the solutions offered and identifies the emerging leaders, evolved leaders, solid incumbents, and startups to watch.

This report is available on HRWins for free. Full vendor profiles will be launched later in May 2019 for subscribers and members of HRWins.


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