Healthjoy just raised $30 million for its employee benefits chatbot. Benefits tech was one of the top three global HR tech categories for VC in 2019 right behind job boards and payroll. Employers look to benefits as a key contributor to the overall employee experience, yet most employees are overwhelmed by the decisions made in selecting both health and elective benefits. emerging tech, like Healthjoy, leverages AI and conversational interfaces to guide the employee through the process improving the employee experience while providing valuable data and insights back to the employer. Healthjoy also announced a new rewards service that rewards with cost effective benefits decisions and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs are historically an under-utilized benefit, but with increasing focus on mental wellness at work, employers and employees may take a new look at their EAP to provide some help there.

Source: Created to help employees figure out health benefits, HealthJoy raises $30 million | TechCrunch

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