The Google for Jobs announcement has the world of talent acquisition buzzing! There have been a slew of blog posts, articles, and podcasts about largely the same point: how this is going to impact the job board market, and primarily Indeed with its entire business model based on Google search traffic. The impact to job boards will be huge – that’s obvious. But, I haven’t heard much about the impact beyond job boards and jobs SEO.


Join me in this episode and get my thoughts on

  • Why this is happening now
  • What the market opportunity is for Google
  • What else is happening in the market that might have been the impetus for the timing
  • What other HR tech segments might be impacted by this move
  • Most importantly, I also dig in to what opportunities this creates for employers.

Also, meet Abakar Saidov the CEO at Beamery, a fast growing talent CRM and recruitment marketing tech firm that is fresh off of raising their A round of venture capital, and is getting a lot of buzz in the market.

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I hope you enjoy it!

Google for Jobs HR MarketWatch podcast

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