Six days (4 business days) until HR Tech kicks off.  Ready yet?  On auto-pilot?

I’m indexing all of the buzz about HRTech.  Literally.  ALL OF THE BUZZ on the internet about HRTech.  I’ve been doing it since the end of August.

The technology infrastructure we put in place allows me to look at all of the tweets, retweets, status updates, blog posts, forums, news outlets, websites, etc., etc., etc. (think everything accessible on the internet) that is related to HRTech and then we drill down into demographics, content, sentiment of the post (positive or negative), and several other key factors.  It takes a little market knowledge and creativity, but we had some of that lying around, so we did it.  Frankly anyone can harvest this data – but, the market knowledge to analyze it – and boil it down to something meaningful for your marketing and sales teams  – that only a few can do, and that’s where we come in.

Why do HCM vendors care about this?  Because up until now, that’s the bulk of who’s been buzzing.  (For this purpose I lump analysts and consultants in with vendors, because you aren’t HR pros) We get to see what campaigns started and were abandoned.  Who has a strategy.  Who seemingly doesn’t.  What everyone is messaging.  We get to compare competitors (my favorite).  We see trends in content, trends in marketing, trends in message, trends in social media strategy, etc.  We get to see all of the available demographics, too.    As you would guess… it’s pretty interesting.  My jaw keeps dropping, and I’ve scratched a little bald spot on the top of my head pondering the numbers (just kidding on that one, but you get the point).

It’s all based on the Social Brand Tracking product/service we offer.  I’ve been doing this, not limited to HR Tech, but for specific vendors across the web as a service.  If you’d like to see YOUR specific buzz factor leading into, and even during, HR Tech… FOR FREE.  Let me know – just fill out a simple form and select, you guessed it “Social Brand Tracking”.  Or you can email me.

I’ll also have some infographics at the show about all of the above.  You can find me with my business partners, Starr Tincup, at their booth #1131 if you’d like to see it…or, email me to set up a 15 or 30 minute meeting and we’ll look at how you’ve done.


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