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Q4 2022 Global Work Tech VC Deals

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WorkTech has been tracking the global market since 2009. We work with tech providers of all sizes and investors of all stages. Our data is gathered using AI that we’ve been training since 2018. Then it’s uniquely vetted and categorized. But the data isn’t our most valuable asset. It’s our experience and the insights we provide based on our work with some of the world’s most innovative employers and Work Tech providers.

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Q4 2022 Global Work Tech VC

wdt_ID Vendor Country Subcategory Target market Segment Amount (M) Round Total Raised (M) Note Lead VC
1 Revelio Labs USA Analytics Middle 15 A 0 Elephant Partners
2 HealthJoy USA Benefits Enterprise 60 D 108 Valspring Capital
3 Cobee Spain Benefits Middle 41 B 60 Octopus Ventures
4 Fringe USA Benefits Middle 17 A 0 Elective "lifestyle" benefits Origin Ventures
5 Eppione Ireland Benefits Middle 3 Seed 0 Delta Partners
6 ArenaCX USA BPO Enterprise 4 Seed 6 Eagle Ventures
7 Comprehensive USA Compensation Middle 6 Seed 0 SV Angel
8 AllWork USA Contingent Workforce Enterprise 5 A 9 FINTOP Capital
9 Humaans UK Core HR Small 15 A 0 Lachy Groom
10 Goodera USA Employee Giving Enterprise 10 A 28 Elevation Capital
11 Brightside USA Financial Wellness Middle 33 B 75 A16Z
12 LearnLux USA Financial Wellness Middle 10 A 0 Crosslink Capital
13 Factorial Spain HR Suite/Platform Middle 120 C 1 Atomico
14 Bayzat UAE HR Suite/Platform Middle 25 C 60 DisruptAD
15 GoCo USA HR Suite/Platform SMB 15 B 0 ATX Venture Partners
16 Keka India Payroll Middle 57 A 0 WestBridge Capital
17 CloudPay UK Payroll Enterprise 50 Private Equity 256 Runway Growth Capital
18 Skuad Singapore Payroll Middle 15 A 0 EOR and HRIS Beenext
19 WagePay Australia Payroll Middle 10 A 0 earned wage access FC Capital
20 All Gravy Denmark Payroll Middle 3 A 0 earned wage access and fin wellness Moonfire
21 Teamed UK Payroll Middle 3 Seed 0 EOR Blackfinch
22 AltoVita UK Relocation Middle 9 A 10 Novum Capital Partners
23 ifeel Spain Wellness Middle 10 A 21 UNIQA Ventures
24 Myndup UK Wellness Middle 5 A 6 Angels
25 Voila Canada Workforce Management Middle 10 A 0 Walter Ventures
26 TaTiO Israel Assessment Middle 5 Seed 0 Mensch Capital Partners
27 HireQuotient Singapore Assessment SMB 2 Pre-seed 0 Angels
28 Fountain USA ATS/TA Suite Enterprise 100 C 0 high volume recruiting B Capital Group
29 Perfect Israel ATS/TA Suite Middle 13 Seed 0 Target Global
30 Viterbit Spain ATS/TA Suite SMB 2 Seed 0 4 Founders Capital
31 Role Mapper UK D&I Middle 2 Seed 3 Mercia
32 Sapia Australia Digital Interview Middle 17 A 22 Macquarie Capital
33 Emerge Career USA Learning Middle 3 Seed 0
34 BuildWithin USA Learning Middle 2 Pre-seed 0 jobs and learning Dundee Venture Capital
35 Oxford Medical Simulation UK Learning Enterprise 2 Seed 0 VR Medical Training ACF Investors
36 Gale Healthcare USA Marketplace Job Board Enterprise 60 A 0 staffing and wfm FTV Capital
37 Qwick USA Marketplace Job Board Middle 40 B 0 "staffing as a service" Tritium Partners
38 Impact USA Marketplace Job Board Middle 15 B 21 Shasta Ventures
39 Drive My Way USA Marketplace Job Board Middle 4 A 0 First Analysis
40 Classet USA Marketplace Job Board Enterprise 3 Seed 0 jobs and training learning Starting Line
41 Outdefine USA Marketplace Job Board Middle 3 Seed 0 Web3 decentralized talent community TCG Crypto
42 Remotebase USA Marketplace Job Board Middle 2 Seed 0 Indus Valley Capital
43 Job Protocol UK Marketplace Job Board Middle 1 Pre-seed 0 Web3 Tioga Capital
44 Pineapple Ireland Marketplace Job Board Middle 1 Pre-seed 0 professional networking GenZ F7 Ventures
45 Fearless+ USA Marketplace Job Board Middle 1 Pre-seed 0 Wray Thorn
46 Placed App UK Matching Middle 5 Seed 9 Praetura Ventures
47 Pod USA Matching Middle 3 Seed 0 Matching and DEI PACA Ventures
48 Beamery UK Recruitment Marketing Enterprise 50 D 0 $1B Valuation Unicorn Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
49 Adway Sweden Recruitment Marketing Middle 10 A 13 Octopus Ventures
50 ERIN USA Recruitment Marketing Middle 5 Seed 0 Reformation Partners
Vendor Country Subcategory Target market Segment Amount (M) Round Total Raised (M) Note Lead VC
∑ = 902

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