In this episode of HR MarketWatch join me, as I apply some much needed context to all of the hype surrounding employee engagement.


Join me, and let’s get real about employee engagement. I’ve got some thoughts to share about what employee engagement is, and what it isn’t. I’ve been digging deep on this topic for several years and I’m going to share the 3 things you need to understand about engagement before you try to implement any programs or technology to bolster or improve your engagement or culture. Learn about the latest #HRWins research, and the trends that contributed to the Ideal Employee Engagement Toolkitour latest free eBook.

Of course, we’ve got an innovator for you to meet. David Bator stops by to chat about TemboStatus, an emerging emerging employee engagement platform. TemboStatus Surveys & Pulses automatically turn employee feedback into actionable to-do-lists for HR and People Managers. It’s a cool concept, and definitely in line with what #HRWins has uncovered as trends for HR in our research.

Enjoy HR MarketWatch!

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