Every time I read about the pending death of email I have to laugh,partly because the message is commonly delivered via a newsletter in my Inbox and partly because whether it’s in day to day operations, marketing, or any facet of communications and collaboration email is still one of the overwhelming parts of my day. Talking about the death of email is just like the HR futurists that talked about the death of the job board. It might have been smarter to consider what the future of work, and finding work, looks like and consider how the job board might evolve into a marketplace and the leading category of HR tech investment for years running. That’s just what Front did when it comes to email. Rather than get  caught up in the hype of how slack or new messaging paradigms would replace email, they looked at how to evolve email and collaboration for the future of work. And instead of raising money from traditional VCs they made their pitch for their third round of funding – USD $59 million – to corporate funds that represent brands that are also focused on the future of work.

Front will be an interesting one to watch.

From VentureBeat:

Front announced today that it has raised $59 million for its collaborative email platform in a funding round that comes with a twist. Rather than being led by venture capital firms, the San Francisco-based company cobbled together…..

Source: Email platform Front raises $59 million from workplace collaboration alliance | VentureBeat

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