I’m not sure this is what Axl Rose had in mind.

France-based Welcome to the Jungle has raised USD $22.3 million. The job board marketplace has an employer branding focus, incorporating articles, webseries, podcasts, magazines, events, etc. all of which employers can pay for to make their jobs stand out. It’s similar to the Muse in the U.S. as it currently employs videographers, photographers, writers, editors, and more to develop a content rich experience in presenting jobs. Another similarity to the Muse would be the difficulty in scaling this sort of content operation in the job ads space. The ROI jury is still out as to whether highly produced content delivers a better experience and result for both employers and candidates, especially where costs come in to play. This probably explains the firms move to extended itself, providing an applicant tracking system and now reportedly launching an onboarding app. The cost-base alone of a content creation effort skews their market to larger enterprises where the minimum requirements for ATS and onboarding applications/platforms also happen to be the most complex.

Based on our experience, it seems there will be a decision to make soon: the branding tools will need to become more self service, endearing themselves to the SMB and middle markets and bringing the ATS and onboarding apps along with it. Or, a pivot to focus on enterprise apps (ATS and onboarding). Otherwise, this may be another startup underestimating the complexity in hiring and spreading themselves too thin, too fast.

Source: Welcome to the Jungle raises $22.3 million to make recruitment easier | TechCrunch

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