Founced by Mehdi Tahri and Alexandre Dardy, two Amazon and Alibaba alumni, iziwork leverages a digital marketplace model currently focused on France to 200,000 temporary workers and more than 200 enterprise clients in about 100 cities.This fundraising will enable the company to double its technology investments and accelerate its commercial deployment across France. The Paris-based startup, which already counts 120 employees, plans to double its team over the next 12 months.  iziwork claims to have adapted best practices from leading e-commerce marketplaces, to radically improve the way workers access and experience temporary work, and to offer employers from large enterprises and SMBs, a better quality of service at a lower cost.The platform offers its corporate clients immediate access to the 200,000 “iziworkers” through its app. In addition, iziwork enables its clients to reach more than 500,000 job seekers, on social networks, job boards, and through local partners such as public employment agencies.

Source: iziwork Becomes the Leading Temporary Staffing Platform in France and Raises 12 Million Euros, 1 Year After Its Launch | Business Wire

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