The first, of what will be annual, HR Open Source Future of Work Report puts some data behind what many of us have seen coming for years. Just as every function in business has evolved with the advent of technology, new thinking, and new generations, so has Human Resources. Sadly much of the thinking about the department and the profession is still rooted in the 90s.

That was the beginning of an era where HR and Recruiting would move from decades old stagnant processes, into an on-line world while being thrust onto the front lines of economic and job market shifts that have rapidly, and repeatedly, changed the way we think about talent. At that moment – in the 90s – when HR was moving from the payroll, benefits, and employee relations admin department, and recruiting was moving from process and paper to talent-minded digital strategy… at that moment HR and recruiting was largely technology-averse, focused almost solely on compliance and cost-control, and had little say on strategy or tech budget.

Newsflash: that moment passed and has been eroding ever since.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with HROS founders to create the survey, report, and data visualizations used here, and while giving HR practitioners around the world a glimpse of trends and technologies that are impacting HR and work itself today and in the future, it also does two things really well:

  • It gives current and future HR leader a bit of a road map into where the discipline and career path might be headed.
  • It gives HR technology developers, what I hope is, a wake up call to who their customers really are, will be in the immediate future.

There is a a ton of data available to you in the data visualization site, and we leveraged Tableau to make the data interactive for you. From that site you can also download a pdf report that includes some quick analysis and insights that HROS founders Lars Schmidt and Amrosia Vertesi, and I collaborated on.

Enjoy the report and the data!

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