Today being a small business means you get to compete with larger firms. You just have fewer resources and smaller budgets. You aren’t being disrupted by technology, you’re leveraging it to cause disruption.  You’re leveraging HR technology everywhere you can. To find talent and to keep them. These resources are for you.


HR Vendors Failing at Social Media

Five days (3 business days) until HR Tech kicks off.  You're mailing it in at this point, right? For a group that makes their money convincing everyone that social media is fixing everything from recruiting to employee communications, they sure aren't taking their own...

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Guess Who’s Buzzing About HRTech?

Six days (4 business days) until HR Tech kicks off.  Ready yet?  On auto-pilot? I'm indexing all of the buzz about HRTech.  Literally.  ALL OF THE BUZZ on the internet about HRTech.  I've been doing it since the end of August. The technology infrastructure we put in...

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Demand Generation is so 2000

Thirteen days (8 business days) until HR Tech kicks off. A quick post today.  I'm developing some deeper posts for the rest of the week. I'm just going to say this:  DEMAND/LEAD GENERATION IS SO 2000. Direct marketing, SEO, CPC/PPC, Email Marketing, PR, Inside Sales,...

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The Evolution of a Business

In December of 2009 I made the leap into consulting.  Always focused strictly on HCM Technology and Service Vendors.  Always working on the complete spectrum, or any piece of the spectrum, from Branding to Marketing to Sales.   My customers run the gamut of HCM, and...

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Differentiation. That's really what I help HCM Vendors achieve - on the whole, or for a specific product. Break through the noise - with your brand, with your message, your social media, with your marketing and sales tactics - and define yourself in a way that the HR...

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Get In The #HRWins

Schedule a briefing to get your HR technology considered for the next HRWins Companies To Watch list. We can’t guarantee you’ll make the list, but we can guarantee to share some feedback.

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