Most of what we’ve seen in AI and automation for recruiting is narrowly focused on one application of this tech: chatbots and messaging. The initial candidate engagement and preliminary screening that looks very binary – more like programmed logic trees. Do you have this kind of experience? What date are you available? Questions with answers that lead to an obvious path or transaction.
While this is an area we’ve seen a lot of focus in the world of HR, it’s the equivalent of implementing a point solution – it addresses a real challenge in recruiting, but it’s a very narrow application.
When I look outside of HR, in areas that are always pushing the boundaries for innovation, areas directly tied to revenue like sales and marketing I see a lot of effort going into “conversational platforms.”

HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque looks at how AI and automation are being leveraged today and where this tech is quickly headed. HRWins looked at other tech segments that are adopting AI-driven platforms of engagement and relates key capabilities back to recruiting. Success won’t be found in “boxing out” the recruiter from the process, but more likely enabling both candidates and recruiters with “conversational platforms. Meet CEO and founder of TalkPush, Max Armbruster, one of the innovators in recruiting AI, developer of a conversational platform including messaging and CRM.

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