WorkTech Founder George LaRocque interviews Andrew Flowers, Labor Economist from Appcast and Recruitonomics, as he delves into the current market dynamics. Explore the economy, labor market, and jobs through data-driven analysis and insightful charts through a lens perfect for anyone in HR, Talent Acquisition, Work or HR Tech. George has a lot of questions for Andrew. Are we in a soft landing? Why is he job market so buoyant while the rest of the economy isn’t? What does 2024 look like for jobs and the economy?

What to Expect:

📊 Data-Driven Market Analysis: Andrew Flowers will dissect the market, offering expert insights into the current economic landscape with the help of insightful data and charts.

🔍 Future Perspectives: Gain unique predictions and insights into HR, recruitment, and Work Tech. Discover emerging trends and technological advancements that will shape the industry’s future. 🌠 Navigating Uncertainty: Learn about key elements to watch, from AI-powered recruitment tools to labor market dynamics, in this succinct discussion.

🤝 Engaging Conversation: Join Andrew Flowers and George LaRocque for a thought-provoking dialogue that resonates with HR professionals, tech vendors, and investors alike.

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Enjoy the discussion!

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