One Model recently announced a $41 million Venture Groth Round of capital for its people analytics platform. Riverwood Capital led the round and brings One Model’s total raised to $44 million.

One Model provides customers with a flexible, transparent, and inclusive analytics platform. The company’s People Data Cloud product integrates myriad sources of data with a focus on data quality, incorporates AI-based predictive modeling, and supports connections to any modern data reporting and visualization tool.

“This capital will allow us to maintain our growth trajectory and remain the innovation leader of the people analytics domain,” stated Christopher Butler, co-founder and CEO of One Model. “With our expanded resources, we aim to empower HR and IT leaders to harness the true potential of their enterprise workforce data to drive significant business outcomes.” He added, “(We) share a career-long passion for democratizing people data insights at scale in large organizations. We’ve made it our life’s mission to provide all decision-makers with the most reliable, impactful, predictive, and ethical insights possible.” 

Butler met with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque and discussed:

  • The company and founders’ deep history in HCM and people analytics.
  • What differentiates the One Model platform
  • What it was like to raise funding in this economic climate
  • How this funding will impact product, customers, employees, and the market

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Enjoy the discussion!

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