HireVue announced it has acquired Modern Hire.HireVue CMO, Amanda Hahn, stopped by WorkTech to discuss the deal, solidifying HireVue’s position as an industry leader in modern hiring solutions powered by ethical AI.

This is one of the more impactful deals in the Hiring Work Tech market. The numbers are impressive:

  • 1150+ shared customers, including 60% of the Fortune 500;
  • tallying up a combined 36 million interviews and assessments in 2022,
  • and the staff and track records innovating ethical AI

As a result of the acquisition, HireVue gains significant market leadership in video interviewing, AI-driven and traditional assessments, virtual job tryouts (simulations), scheduling automation, conversational AI interfaces, and text-based engagement. Amanda and WorkTech Founder George LaRocque discuss the deal, its timing, the impact on the HireVue product roadmap, how HireVue sees the future of AI combined with ModernHire, the effect on the market, customers, employees, and more. Learn more about the deal and product roadmap at https://www.hirevue.com/modernhire

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Enjoy the discussion!

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