HireEZ announced it is offering generative AI functionality in a recent product release. The update will leverage the ChatGPT model and HireEZ’s machine-learning data to help recruiters compose and send email messages to job candidates faster than with traditional tools.

The ChatGPT-powered functionality will add the ability for recruiters to instantly generate unique candidate email messages based on a job description. This will fully automate the time-consuming task of composing a message, which recruiters sometimes need to do hundreds of times a day. The HireEZ platform will use proprietary machine learning data to automatically produce language tailored for recruitment to maximize the utility of each AI-generated message. With the update, HireEZ aims to make it easier for recruiters to engage with job applicants faster and increase their ability to personalize candidate outreach at scale.

HireEZ Cofounder and CEO Steven Jiang met with WorkTech to discuss HireEZ’s overall approach to AI, demonstrate the new feature and integration, and discuss the future of AI for HireEZ customers. This is part of WorkTech’s ongoing “Meet the Work Tech AI Innovators” series, where WorkTech Founder George LaRocque goes beyond the hype and digs in on products, roadmaps, and approaches to AI with the innovators in the Work Tech market.

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