Emerging Work Tech Providers Blending Learning, Recruiting, Jobs, and Talent Mobility
One of the trends we’ve been most excited about over the last few years has been the emergence of Work Tech providers blending together learning, recruiting, jobs, and talent mobility […]

One of the trends we’ve been most excited about over the last few years has been the emergence of Work Tech providers blending together learning, recruiting, jobs, and talent mobility into one offering. This trend has been highlighted on so many of our quarterly and yearly global Work Tech VC Look Back/Look Forward presentations. Many ask to see examples of providers, and we’re thrilled to deliver them in the table below.

Some high-level observations:

  • Over the last 5.5 years, more than $715M has been invested in tech providers in this category. We tracked an average deal size of $21.68M across all Rounds/Stages. We tracked 33 deals across 31 tech providers in this emerging category during this timeframe.
  • The providers come from learning, Educational institutions, Ed tech, recruiting, marketplace job boards, and talent management categories.
  • Business models vary. Some charge consumers a tuition fee. Some charge the employer for the ability to develop and access a talent pool. Some look to be doing both.
  • It’s not just about tech. While coding and tech skills are the prevalent focus, there are healthcare, sales, and more broad skills offerings. These solutions are not just targeting knowledge workers.
  • This is diverse and global. Several of the products that we tracked focus on helping underrepresented groups get access to education or skills certifications and apprenticeships, internships, and jobs. In turn, they offer employers access to a more diverse candidate pool and the opportunity to invest in and engage with their developing and qualified talent pool. Others also focus on underserved markets, like LATAM and Africa, to do the same. You’ll also see offerings with a focus on AsiaPac, India, and country-specific products.
  • Some providers extend post-hire and support internal mobility and upskilling. We expect to see a lot more of this as Educational institutions and Ed tech are looking at market opportunities in the B2B space.

Deals are tracked via hundreds of sources. Currency is converted to US dollars at the time of the announcement, using then-current rates. We study the Work Tech and HR technology market, but we are not financial analysts. None of our observations or predictions should be considered financial advice. We do our best to track all deals, but encourage you to share any details on deals we missed HERE.

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Learning and Recruiting Hybrid Deals 2018 to 1 Aug 2023

Deals from 2018 to 1 AUG 2023 that were with Work Tech providers offering one of several hybrid, jobs and learning, models.

wdt_ID Announcement Date Vendor Country Category Subcategory Jobs and Learning Model and Notes Target market Segment Amount (M) Round Website Lead VC
112/09/2018Multiverse (prev WhiteHat)UKTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardApprenticeships4.00Seedhttps://platform.multiverse.io/candidate/welcomeLightspeed Venture Partners
217/09/2018Learning PeopleIrelandTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardLearning and career services2.50Seedhttps://www.learningpeople.com/uk/Talis Capital
323/01/2019AndelaUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardGlobal remote tech jobs and upskilling100.00Dhttps://andela.com/Generation Investment Mangaement
412/03/2019YusudiKenyaTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardSales training and recruitment0.25Seedhttp://www.yusudi.co/Blue Haven Initiative
512/07/2019GlintsSingaporeTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardAsiaPac Jobs and "career development"Middle6.80Ahttps://glints.com/Monk's Hill Venture
606/08/2019nextstepUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardFocus on underserved communities. *SITE DOWN*Enterprise3.00Seedhttps://nextstep.careersSEI Ventures
709/08/2019PathstreamUSATalent AcquisitionLearningCareer mobility for frontline jobsEnterprise12.00Ahttps://www.pathstream.com/TDM Partners
819/08/2019MicroverseUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardCoding courses and jobsEnterprise0.15Seedhttps://www.microverse.org/Y Combinator
929/01/2020Gama AcademyBrazilTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardSkills, upskilling, jobs, and internal mobilitySMB0.71Seedhttps://gama.academy/Smart Money Ventures
1021/07/2020CourseraUSATalent ManagementLearningSkills, certifications, internal mobility130.00Fhttps://www.coursera.org/NEA
1128/07/2020AstrumUUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardSkills, jobs. Focusing on underserved communities.7.70Ahttps://astrumu.com/Kingdom Capital
1217/09/2020ForageUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardJob simulations and jobs9.30Ahttps://www.theforage.com/Lightspeed Venture Partners
1303/12/2020HenryArgentinaTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardTech training and jobs for LATAM talent1.50Seedhttps://www.soyhenry.com/hiring-enAccion Venture Lab
1405/01/2021NextStepUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardFocus on underserved communities. *SITE DOWN*Middle2.50Seedhttps://nextstep.careersZOMA Capital
1503/02/2021CareeristUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardTech education and careersMiddle1.25Seedhttps://www.careerist.com/IIDF
1608/07/2021CodeboxxUSATalent AcquisitionLearningCoding education and certification with jobsEnterprise2.00Seedhttps://codeboxxtechnology.com/MadaLuxe Group
1706/09/2021Turing CollegeUSATalent AcquisitionLearningOnline tech ed withcareer guidanceMiddle1.05Seedhttps://www.turingcollege.com/Iron Wolf
1815/09/2021ApnaIndiaTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardCommunity and jobs. India FocusEnterprise100.00Chttps://apna.co/Tiger Global
1928/09/2021MultiverseUKTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardApprenticeshipsEnterprise130.00Chttps://platform.multiverse.io/candidate/welcomeD1 Capital Partners
2009/03/2022EpicodeItalyTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardCoding education and jobs. Pay when hired model.Enterprise11.00Ahttps://epicode.com/en/Angels
2131/03/2022PursuitUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardCoding education and jobs. Pay % of earnings when hired.Enterprise10.00Ahttps://www.pursuit.org/Blue Earth Capital
2206/04/2022QureosUAETalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardMentors, project work, and Jobs. Focus on matching.Enterprise3.00Pre-seedhttps://www.qureos.com/COTU Ventures
2313/04/2022GalenaBrazilTalent AcquisitionLearningAcquired Edupass. Education, professional development, jobs, and upskilling. Focus on Brazil.Enterprise16.70Ahttps://galena.com/Altos Ventures
2420/04/2022UnmudlUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardOnlined education and skills marketplace. Markets to students/consumers, employers, and Ed.Enterprise1.28Seedhttps://unmudl.com/Stand Together Ventures Lab
2509/05/2022ManaraUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardMENA region-focused skills, mentors, and jobsEnterprise3.00Pre-seedhttps://manara.tech/Stripe
2622/05/2022MasterschoolIsraelTalent AcquisitionLearningOnline learing, jobs, careers.Middle100.00Seedhttps://www.masterschool.com/Group 11
2713/06/2022Terra.doUSATalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardClimate industry education and jobsMiddle5.00Seedhttps://terra.do/Avaana Capital
2806/09/2022Code First GirlsUKTalent AcquisitionLearningCoding education and upskilling, jobs. Focused on gender equity and diversity.Middle5.14Ahttps://codefirstgirls.com/Active Partners
2902/11/2022AlmaBetterIndiaTalent ManagementLearningTech education and careers. India focusMiddle2.70Seedhttps://www.almabetter.com/Kalaari Capital
3008/02/2023BlueLearnIndiaTalent AcquisitionLearningEducation and jobs for "builders." India Focus. Integrated with universities.Middle3.50Seedhttps://www.bluelearn.in/Elevation Capital
3125/05/2023StepfulUSATalent AcquisitionLearningOnline Healthcare education and jobs.Middle7.50Seedhttps://www.stepful.com/Reach Capital
3230/06/2023PassageCanadaTalent AcquisitionLearningEducation and jobs. Focus on underserved communities and Canada.Enterprise30.21Seedhttps://www.passage.com/Drive Capital
3327/07/2023ApprentyBrazilTalent AcquisitionMarketplace Job BoardTraining and jobs. Brazil-focusedMiddle1.60Seedhttps://www.apprenty.com.br/Positive Ventures
Announcement DateVendorCountryCategorySubcategoryJobs and Learning Model and NotesTarget market SegmentAmount (M)RoundWebsiteLead VC
∑ = 715.34
Avg = 21.68

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