#hrwins eBook: The Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Platform Emerges
  #HRWINS eBook Outlines Emerging Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Technology Every where I go enterprise talent acquisition leaders are venting their frustration with the legacy tech that they’re currently using. […]

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#HRWINS eBook Outlines Emerging Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Technology

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Every where I go enterprise talent acquisition leaders are venting their frustration with the legacy tech that they’re currently using. It isn’t all about a lack of features or a lack of new innovative software on the market. They feel that they have access to more features and new tech than they can handle. The biggest frustrations are really with usability, integration, and access to data.

Whether it’s one of the round-table discussions I facilitate, or the twitter stream at a conference like last week’s ERE, or interviewing a customer in my research, these are the issues that are causing the most frustration for talent acquisition leaders today.

HR technology customers want the kind of user experience they get everywhere else in their on-line life. User experience that gets easier and easier. They want to be able to select the platforms and systems they want, and have them talk to each other. Just like the other systems at work or at home. They want to be able to get at their data however and whenever they want it. Because it’s their data, period.

These customer frustrations are laying the foundation for the new enterprise market leaders to emerge in talent acquisition. But, it’s not just user revolt opening the door for new leaders to emerge,market trends are also shaping the future of what these systems will look like. Workflow and process are becoming table stakes and moving to the background behind more strategic offerings. Customers are tired of trading off compliance or complexity for a 1990s interface.

The new modern enterprise talent acquisition platform will span from recruitment marketing, through hiring process, to onboarding. Yet, the same platform will also integrate best-of-breed  solutions into any part of the process. And it will do so seamlessly and with data integrity in tact when it comes to analytics or reporting. Imagine being able to plug features (like in a sourcing tool), or even a complete process (like recruitment marketing or onboarding) into or out of your process. Like moving around wooden pegs on a board. Perhaps to support the nuances of divisional culture or process.

This isn’t a fairy tale computing environment. It’s the kind of open world the rest of B2B cloud computing has been racing towards aggressively. And, it’s time for HR technology to keep up.

We invite you to learn more about the emerging modern enterprise talent acquisition platform in our latest eBook. We also offer some tips and next steps for talent acquisition leaders looking for recruiting technology that will scale with their organization and needs.

The eBook is based on our own #hrwins research. We’ve also reached out to several other analysts I respect. Kyle Lagunas of Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research Partners, and Trish McFarlane of H3 HR Advisors, to get their insight on a few of the trends.

It was also developed with the sponsorship of gr8 People, one of the new enterprise platforms emerging in this vein.

Please take a look and let us know what you think back here in the comments.

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