Edify announced a $1.635 million Seed round to onboard engineers in Slack and “soon” in Microsoft Teams. Onboarding employees quickly into the flow of work without disrupting it has been a challenge since the first employee was onboarded. Ever. The steep new employee learning curve is in natural conflict with an existing team working against a deadline. This isn’t unique to software engineering teams, but it is certainly an acute problem there. Edify hopes to change that by embedding the process into messaging apps “where you already work.”

Edify isn’t the first modern onboarding experience play, and it isn’t the first to embed in Slack or Microsoft Teams. The big question is how it will differentiate from the myriad options available in both best-of-breeds and platforms today.

$5 billion was invested in HR technology globally in 2020. Get the full report here.

Source: Edify Raises $1.635M in Initial Funding Round

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