Czech Republic-based Time is Ltd. announced a USD $5.6 million Seed round of venture capital for its employee communications analysis tech. This brings its total raised to $9 million.

As distributed and hybrid work become more of the norm, some leaders struggle with team productivity and engagement when the workforce is out of sight. This underscores a problem that existed long before COVID-19 accelerated these trends: most managers aren’t great communicators and don’t pick up on cues in team communications. Cues and sentiment that represent both levels of engagement and productivity as well as opportunities for it. Time is Ltd. hopes to help by analyzing all of your employees communications and calendars then providing insights into productivity optimization. These solutions beg two questions: Do these tools help create better managers? and Just because we can analyze all communications does it mean that we should?

Time is Ltd. integrates seamlessly with the most used communication tools to find communication and meeting trends. All synced data is anonymized and aggregated so your worker’s privacy is protected.

From the company’s website

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Source: Prague-based company collaboration analytics platform Time is Ltd. raises $5.6 million in seed round –

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