Credly raised $11.1 million to help employers and other orgs create their own credential certifications that quantify an employee’s skills and can then be promoted and shared internally, online, etc. Their messaging reads like a combination of badge rewards for quantified learning and skills that motivates employees internally, but can also be taken elsewhere. We can’t help but wonder, if without either critical mass in the marketplace for Credly, or third party validation of the skills, if the external positioning of these credentials falls short. From there it’s a short leap to the discussion about blockchain in HR, and employees carrying this type of data/content with them.

From FinSMEs:

Credly, a NYC-based digital credentials company, raised $11.1m in new funding.Backers in this round, which brought total funding raised to date to $18.2m, included Zoma Capital, Strada Education Network, New Markets Venture Partners, University Ventures, Pearson, Lumina Foundation, and Lion Brothers Company.Launched in 2012 and led by Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO, Credly provides thousands of employers, training organizations, associations, certification programs, and workforce development initiatives with a platform to enable individuals to translate their learning experiences into professional opportunities using digital credentials.

Source: Credly Raises $11.1M in Funding | FinSMEs

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