Careerist raised a $1.25 million Seed round of VC for its marketplace that provides training for software training and QA roles, career coaching, and job board in exchange for a percentage of the salary of any jobs found via the service.

Merging education with jobs and career services isn’t a new model, neither is charging placed candidates a percentage of salary. The amount being charged and the placement success rate make this model either a vehicle/accelerant to a tech career for those who need it or something more predatory.

Where Careerist looks like a service, other similar offerings like The Make School offer certified degree programs and internships, with curriculum influenced by tech firms.

Keep an eye on this space. We expect to see more hybrid learning/recruiting models emerging.

In 2020, $5 billion was invested globally in HR technology. Talent acquisition tech providers received $939 million and learning tech providers saw $666 million. A full report on the 2020 global HR technology investment is available, here.

Source: Careerist Raises $1.25M in Seed Funding

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