Brightfox is the latest vendor looking to integrate across HR, and other systems, to provide a more seamless employee/talent experience. They’ve just raised $1.1 million to get started. They are the latest in a long line of “integration plays” that promise to layer over HRIS, talent management, recruiting, and other apps and platforms in your business and then deliver a better experience to the employee. The biggest challenge for startups here is that the integration piece is still one of the biggest challenges for the HR ecosystem. Legacy vendors offer application programming interfaces (APIs) via marketplaces, but these can be limited. Newer vendors (post 2010 market-entries) offer more open APIs, but don’t bring the market share to sustain growth. Then there’s the issue maintaining an integration layer over the core workflows. We’re not sure if this is a sustainable future for HR, especially when the platforms and apps are all increasingly feeding into platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook for Work, etc. This space is sure to see more startups and products from the legacies. We’ll keep watching.

From AlleyWatch:

Brightfox Raises $1.1M for its HR Talent Experience PlatformBY ALLEYWATCH282SHARESFacebookTwitterThis talented leader who played formative roles in building modern HR functions for companies that include Amazon, Jet, Hugo Boss, and Oscar is venturing out on her own through the launch of Brightfox, the world’s first talent experience platform. Brightfox was founded by Deena Fox when she recognized that current HR software services were failing to create end-to-end experiences for employees; most catering to the needs of the employers. Unlike other HR SaaS solutions, Brightfox is built on a foundation that drives social interaction, thus encouraging employees to engage with each other. Additionally, this service helps build internal networks among employees that are based upon common interest and allows employees to engage the company in a direct and seamless way.

Source: Brightfox Raises $1.1M for its HR Talent Experience Platform – AlleyWatch

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