Brazil-based Pipo Saúde raised USD $4.6 million for its healthcare benefits app. Acting as the broker between health insurance providers and employers, company founder Manoela Ribas Mitchell told TechCrunch, “Pipo Saude makes money off of commissions and has a few corollaries in companies like Zenefits  (in its earliest days), Amino  or the Canadian care benefit management company.” Let’s hope things go better for Pipo Saúde in the early days than they did for Zenefits, who was wrought with turmoil over regulatory infractions and its infamous toxic culture.

We continue to see HR technology emerge in Brazil and throughout Latin America. The HRWins 2019 Global HR Tech VC Lookback called out Brazil as a country to watch for HR tech investment.

Source: Pipo Saude raises $4.6 million to bring healthcare benefits management services to Brazil | TechCrunch

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