Aware Raises $60M to Monitor Employee Messaging for Compliance, Sentiment Analysis, and More
Aware raises $60M for tech that monitors internal messaging platforms for legal compliance, sentiment analysis and more2021-10-13

Aware announced a $60M Series C for what they call a “collaboration governance” platform. Their tech that monitors “human behavior” across internal messaging platforms for legal compliance, sentiment analysis and more. 

As companies consider the implications of a more distributed and hybrid workforce, there are data governance and compliance issues that some industries, like financial services or pharamaceuticals, wrestle with. This has accelerated the adoption of passive monitoring solutions like Aware. Tech that uses data and behaviors found within the systems employees use to collaborate and communicate to deduce sentiment, compliance, engagement, and more. 

While most employees understand that the systems they use and thus anything they enter into them is the property of the business, they tend to frown on the idea of all of their communications being saved and processed. How much of an employee’s personal identifying information (PII) an communication is private even when across a corporations hardware or virtual private network? Just because you can monitor everything does it mean you should?  Questions like this are likely to get challenged and answered, whether in the court of law or the court of employee retention and employer brand.

We live in interesting times.

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