I work at the intersection of HR technology buyers and technology vendors. My speaking engagements reflect that.

The research and field work that I do gives me insight to trends that are shaping the future of the workforce and as a result the future of HR and HR technology.

RMW_6050I also research how the HR technology customer journey is evolving. The HR customer/buyer is more empowered than ever. It’s changing the way they seek, find, and select vendors across the HR technology landscape.

I love to talk to HR technology vendors about how to grow their business. How to go to market more effectively and in a manner that is helpful to the buyer.

I love to talk to HR technology users and buyers about trends impacting the way they find, manage, and retain their workforce.

If you’d like me to come talk to your team or at your event, get in touch.

Examples of topics I’ve spoken on recently:

HR technology vendor selection

Selling HR technology in a rapidly changing buyer climate

Recruitment Marketing

Taking your HR technology to market as a start up

HR technology trends

HCM Technology Brands and their position in the market

The changing landscape of employee engagement and what it means to HR and HR technology

The growing contingent workforce

HCM technology for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Strategic Workforce Optimization


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