Rethinking HR Tech Analysts & Influencers

Of all of the conversations I have with HR technology vendors, one of the most frequently recurring is about how and why they might want to work with HR technology market analysts, influencers, and advisors. Whether the conversation is with a startup or an established market leader I find the only consistency on this topic is the confusion related to it.

“What makes a good analyst briefing?” is probably in the top 5 of questions I get asked by vendors at all stages.

With all of that in mind, I’m sharing this presentation. It’s my attempt to explain how and why a tech vendor might work with an analyst, influencer, or advisor. How the analyst space has been disrupted over the last 10 years, and continues to be. I also give tips on how to build an effective analyst briefing (that bit starts at about 35 minutes in).

I cover a lot of ground here. The whole thing is about 40 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it. Hit me up with any questions in the comments or the myriad of contact options on this site.

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