5 Reasons That Attending HRTech in 2012 is NOT OPTIONAL
If you’re in HR and use technology (that’s everybody in HR, right?) or you’re a vendor with technology for HR to use, I can’t think of any excuses good enough […]

If you’re in HR and use technology (that’s everybody in HR, right?) or you’re a vendor with technology for HR to use, I can’t think of any excuses good enough to miss this year’s 2012 HR Technology® Conference & Expo this October 8-10 in Chicago.  If you go to only one industry event this year, this is the one.  I’ve been attending since their first show and year in and year out technology leaders from both HR organizations and Tech Vendors descend upon the show to engage in discussions and debates on the most relevant topics regarding technology in HR.  You can’t be at HRTech for less than 5 minutes without picking up the buzz in the industry.

Not enough to convince you to attend?  Here are 5 reasons that might help get you away from your desk and with the people that are shaping the future of tech in HR for a few days:

  1. Get perspective on HR Technology that doesn’t exist anywhere else.  Innovation and change in HR Technology has been happening faster than ever.  Cloud, Social, Mobile, Work Management, Collaboration, Big Data, Gamification/Consumerization, etc.  They’ve been impacting the processes we live in and the technology we use to manage them more rapidly than at any other time I can remember.  At HR Tech you will get a view to what’s new, what’s working, what’s coming, and who’s making it happen.  After just a few days you’ll have a perspective on HR Technology you just can’t get at any one other place.
  2. Learn something that you can put to use right away.  When you attend HR Technolgy you don’t  just learn about the big trends in HR Tech or how HR Organizations small and large are leveraging specific technologies to have huge impacts on their companies and their employee’s day to day.  As if that wasn’t enough.  You are surrounded by people like you – that do what you do – whether you’re an HR Pro, HR Tech Vendor, consultant, blogger, whatever – and what impresses me every year is how I leave picking up a nugget or 12 of tips about how to be more effective.  Maybe you’ll hear about that cool new smart-phone app, or a neat way to approach your day-to-day that can make a positive change as soon as you get back to the office.
  3. Meet almost EVERYONE in the industry.  Everyone is there.  Everyone.  Let’s face it, no one really likes to go to trade shows, but everyone likes to attend this one.  HR Tech Blogger you’ve been dying to meet?  HR Tech Product you’ve been wanting a demo of?  Thought leader or speaker you would like to hear talk on a current HR Tech related topic?  Market leading HR Organization you’d like to learn from?  Yep, they’re all there.
  4. Have a little fun you won’t feel guilty for.  When you are attending an industry event it always comes with a social element.  Meals, coffee, cocktails, exploring the local colour with industry peers, etc.  The thing about HR Tech is that it’s actually fun  – it’s not forced.   The  people that attend this show are smart, engaged in the industry, and more than that, passionate about technology and how it can help HR and the people HR is there help.
  5. Meet Me.  I’ll be there.  I can’t stay away.  I’ll be in sessions – walking the exhibition floor – tweeting up the conference – and taking meetings with vendors and anyone interested in HR Technology Innovation.  I learn a lot for everyone I meet at HRTech.  I really hope you take me up on it.  Whether just to shake your hand, or to help you in any way I can.  Contact me to grab a few minutes.
Okay, if those 5 aren’t enough to get you to the show, here is a financial incentive to make it a little easier for you:   If you use the offer code:  LAROCQUE (remember all caps!) when you register at hrtechnologyconference.com you will get $500 off the standard registration price of $1795.  That’s right, just for reading this blog you go to HR Tech for $1295, while everyone else pays $1795.  You’re welcome.
Don’t waste any time on this.  I hear that hotel rooms are selling out.  Logistics info is all on the show site.  There are hotels with shuttles not far away, and if you’re like me you’ll just jump in a taxi anyhow.
See you in Chicago!


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