2013 #hrwins Announced!
    This week we announced the 2013 #hrwins.  #hrwins is the first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories.  Last year one of the […]



This week we announced the 2013 #hrwins.  #hrwins is the first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories.  Last year one of the vendors I evaluated called it a “Celebration of Innovation”.  I think that’s fitting.  Everything we do here is rooted in the belief that when HR Technology vendors innovate and market and sell their products properly, HR wins.  It’s good to recognize and celebrate that kind of winning!

#hrwins analyzes HR technology via comprehensive briefings, where hundreds of vendors are evaluated on their solution’s innovation, the value their technology delivers to the Human Resources profession, and the overall viability of the products. Vendors in virtually all segments of HR Technology will be evaluated.  It’s an exhaustive, and exhausting, process.  Innovation is not limited to the bits and bytes of a solution, or a solution’s trendiness.  We look for new, innovative, ways of addressing real HR challenges through the implementation of technology.

This year’s #hrwins really started in October of 2012 after the 2012 #hrwins Companies To Watch were published.  Vendor briefings are a constant.

We’ve changed the format slightly, so that we can cover more ground.  This year we will look at even more Technology segments and, in that way, provide more value for those in HR that are evaluating technology.

This year’s #hrwins will conclude in October 2013 with 10 HR Technology Vendors receiving the distinction of “2013 HR Companies To Watch”. Additional vendors will be highlighted across the major HR Technology segments later in the year via the popular #hrwins Trend Reports, and an e-book that will be released at the overall conclusion of #hrwins.

When HR Technology vendors innovate they create an opportunity for HR, and the business of getting work done, to proceed to a much more desirable level.  When HR Technology vendors innovate, HR wins, hence #hrwins was born.”

This year we are announcing 10 companies to watch and providing a broader view to vendors innovating across all categories.   The goal is to highlight the vendors that are delivering new and innovative value to HR, so that HR practitioners can create a short-list of innovators by category when they have buying decisions to make.”

Each of the 10 vendors receiving this distinction will have a report outlining the innovation they are delivering to help HR win. LAROCQUE is also publishing the popular #hrwins Trend Reports, which are not vendor specific, outlining the technology and solution trends found through the #hrwins program. #hr wins Trend Reports are scheduled to start in late May 2013. All of the #hrwins reports are published free of charge at https://1worktech.com

HR Technology vendors wishing to include their products in the 2013 #hrwins are encouraged to contact LAROCQUE by filling out a Vendor Briefing request form found at https://1worktech.com/vendor-briefings 

There are no fees for vendors to participate in the program.  LAROCQUE does not disclose a list of vendors that were evaluated, and do not make the 10 Most Innovative, or get mentioned in Trend Reports.  We are happy to provide participating vendors with feedback on their participation in the process.


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