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Culture.  The HR Technology market is filled with vendors attempting to quantify it for Employers via cumbersome survey instruments.  Once quantified, the idea is that it can then be leveraged […]

Culture.  The HR Technology market is filled with vendors attempting to quantify it for Employers via cumbersome survey instruments.  Once quantified, the idea is that it can then be leveraged to match employees that fit best, and the result is an employee will be more engaged, more productive, and stay with you longer.

No one with any experience in the field argues that the right survey instruments don’t help in this regard.  It’s just that they are cumbersome and can be difficult to administer and get full completion rates, because of it.  Especially in small to mid-size companies, or in any size company during the recruiting phase of the Talent Lifecycle.  Introducing these survey instruments to measure cultural fit during the process of applying for a job would be incredibly helpful, but also almost guarantee higher candidate abandonment rates during the process.

Enter thegoodjobs.com

The Good Jobs believes Employers can more simply define their culture in ways that turn it into a competitive brand advantage in the quest for talent.  They’ve created a new type of solution, a brand platform, to help both Employers and Candidates find who they are best aligned with when it comes to the programs, activities, and amenitiesthat bring a company’s values, employment brand and culture to life.

It’s a lofty goal to be the vendor that helps Employers truly make Culture a Competitive Advantage.  The Good Jobs are being smart about it.  Their platform doesn’t replace any existing tools like job boards, recruitment marketing, talent sourcing, CRM, etc.  The Good Jobs actually helps companies enhance those marketing channels by utilizing a simple “common culture language”.  The platform is also incredibly affordable.  The Good Jobs is for companies of any size, from the SMB to the largest Global Corporations.

The Good Jobs address several opportunities or business challenges for Employers and in turn, Candidates:

Simplified Employer Brand Message:  Have you gone to an employer’s career site and tried to find information about Fun, Perks, Career Development, Flextime, Ecological Initiatives, Career Development, Corporate Responsibility, etc.?  Good luck with that.  Even the employers that have spent a lot of time on their Employer Brand, seem to focus on their Job Marketing Message and their Candidate Experience through the application process – leaving “cultural fit and alignment” for later.  Marketing and Candidate Experience are critical – but, embedding Culture and Corporate Values up front during the Marketing and Candidate Experience processes creates what I’ll call Employer Differentiation.

Consistent Messaging Via all of your Recruiting Channels:  Are all of your candidates having the same experience with your Employer Brand, no matter where they interact with it?  Is it the same on your career site, job postings, job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, collateral, emails, etc.?  The Good Jobs brand platform promises to standardize your message across all of these channels.  We all say that Recruiting is Marketing and Sales.  Well, consistency of message is one of the biggest challenges in any Marketing and Sales process.  I can’t imagine anywhere that this is more important than when finding people to join your team.

Helps Your Employer Brand Go Viral:  Last week I learned of a company that gives a $300 monthly stipend to Employees that drive a Hybrid and put a car magnet with the company logo on it.  I’ve told 5 people about that company.  I’ll tell more.  I know a lot of people that align with the kind of values that program represents.  That is the kind of impact a brand platform promises to have on issues that mean the most when it comes to Employee fit, engagement, and cultural alignment.

The components  of The Good Jobs platform look like this:

A Culture Directory:  thegoodjobs.com is not a job board, although they will host jobs for free there – or link to an Employers jobs posted elsewhere.  Their site will act as a “Culture Directory” where candidates will find companies they are aligned with in different industries, locations, or with different job types available.

The Good Jobs Badges™:  They’ve gamified the view to an Employer’s culture.  It’s a simplified interface to a very thorough process of definition and validation of Cultural and Value Alignment.  What looks like a simple badge represents something much more to those aligned with it, and The Good Jobs has thought through the definition and process to assure that the badges stand for something more than the pixels that make them up.

Career Microsites:  Sites that stand alone, or support, promotion of an Employer’s engagement and retention programs, activities, and amenities.

If you are a company of any size, trying to make your Company’s unique Culture and Values stand out to prospective candidates, you should take a look at The Good Jobs.  If you’re a job board, job distribution vendor, or tech vendor involved in marketing jobs to candidates you should put The Good Jobs on your partner list.

Disclosure:  This post is NOT a result of any sponsorship or paid relationship.

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